Our Host

Amerikan Therapy brings together Starr Barbour and Sasha Nicole, two truly diverse and powerful voices within the health and wellness space. Both host are committed to addressing the impact of systematic racial trauma and disenfranchisement on the mental health of African Americans. Amerikan Therapy brings together this mix of curated voices combined with the experience of highly trained clinicians to tackle all things Black Mental Health in a refreshingly open way.

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Starr Barbour

Starr Barbour is a powerful creator with a passion for being of service. She is "Wellness Evangelist" who leverages her leadership prowess and business acumen to create mental and emotional wellness solutions.

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Sasha Nicole

After having her daughter, six years ago, she experienced severe Postpartum Depression for nearly two years. Her experience made her aware of the lack of mental health resources and understanding within communities of color .